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Bottle-Free Water Solutions

Get ready for refreshing water with a Culligan® Bottle-Free Cooler! No more storing or changing bottles every week. These coolers can be customized to the level of
water filtration you desire, providing you with clean and great-tasting water, every time, in the press of a button. Say goodbye to bottle storage with a new and improved bottle-free cooler today.

Industrial & Commercial Water Solutions

Save time and money with Culligan® Commercial and Industrial Water Treatment Products. Our cutting-edge technology is designed to optimize your business operations and reduce costs, ensuring peak performance for years to come. Trust our experts to craft the perfect water treatment solution for your needs.

Drinking Water Solutions

Experience pure and refreshing water with a Culligan® Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System. Our advanced technology removes impurities and contaminants, ensuring a great taste every time. Say goodbye to chlorine, unpleasant smells, and foul tastes.

Filtered Water

Upgrade Your Home with Culligan® Whole Home System
ay goodbye to hard water spots, chlorine smells, and rust stains. Our twin tank system is the ultimate solution for multiple water problems. With our advanced technology, you can enjoy clean and soft water throughout your entire home.

Water Softeners Solutions

Protect your home from the damaging effects of hard water with a Culligan® Water Softener. Our high-quality, efficient softeners eliminate dry skin, spotted glassware, and high water heating bills. Say goodbye to hard water problems when you rent or buy a Culligan® Water Softener.

Water Cooler Solutions

Experience clean and refreshing drinking water with a Culligan® Bottled Water Cooler. Our high-quality 5-gallon bottles are filled with premium Culligan purified water, ensuring a satisfying taste every time. Say goodbye to unpleasant tap water when renting a Culligan® Bottled Water Cooler!

Bottled Water Solutions

Stay hydrated easily with Culligan® Bottled Water. Our single-serve water bottles provide pure, delicious drinking water wherever you go. No more relying on drinking fountains or tap water.