Bottled Water Solutions

Stay hydrated easily with Culligan® Bottled Water. Our single-serve water bottles provide pure, delicious drinking water wherever you go. No more relying on drinking fountains or tap water.

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Premium Quality Bottled Water

Every bottle of Culligan® Bottled Water is produced at local bottling plants that adhere strictly to the high standards set by the International Bottled Water Association. Our state-of-the-art reverse osmosis purification process effectively eliminates microscopic impurities and contaminants, surpassing the capabilities of carbon filter pitchers and faucet attachments.

Eco-Friendly and Convenient

Not only are Culligan® Bottled Water Bottles recyclable but they are also designed with eco-friendly materials to minimize plastic usage. You can have regular bottle delivery arranged by your trusted Culligan Man™ or conveniently pick up bottles at your local Culligan location. We offer various types of bottled water, including spring water, mineral water, and distilled water, catering to your specific preferences.