Filtered Water

Upgrade Your Home with Culligan® Whole Home System
ay goodbye to hard water spots, chlorine smells, and rust stains. Our twin tank system is the ultimate solution for multiple water problems. With our advanced technology, you can enjoy clean and soft water throughout your entire home.

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Ion Exchange Process

Our units use a process called “ion exchange” to remove hard water minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese. Additionally, they filter the water by retaining contaminants while allowing clean water to pass. Some units even utilize adsorption, which chemically removes contaminants from the water.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Culligan® Whole Home Systems are hassle-free. No cartridges to change or clean. Simply fill with salt when needed, and our advanced regeneration technology helps reduce overall salt use. Experience the convenience and savings of a Culligan® Water Softener.

Advanced Regeneration Technology

Forget about changing or flushing filters. Our systems are low maintenance. Fill with salt as necessary, and our advanced regeneration technology will cut down on salt usage. Take your water treatment to the next level with the Culligan Connect™ app. Get real-time information on water usage and salt levels right on your phone. Receive alerts for unexpected changes in flow, saving you time and money. Discover the revolutionary Culligan Connect™ app.

Discover how much a Culligan® Water Softener can save you with our Savings Calculator.